How does Abowire validate the VAT ID of customers?

Abowire automatically checks in two ways the VAT ID specified by your customer:

  1. A syntactic check: The syntactic check evaluates the plausibility of the VAT ID entered on the order page. If the entered VAT ID does not consist of the two-digit country code as prefix and a maximum of twelve following aplhanumeric characters, the completion of the order is prevented until a syntactically correct or no VAT ID is stored.
  2. A query at the VAT Information Exchange System (MIAS / VIES) of the European Commission: Abowire automatically queries the validity of the VAT identification number stored in the VAT information exchange system VIES of the European Commission after a successful syntax check. Further information on VIES can be found here.

The check verifies if the VAT ID is currently valid. Queries to determine if the VAT ID fits the country of the customer or company name are currently not included