How do I connect my Paypal Account?

How do I connect my Paypal Account?

Abowire uses Reference Transactions

This option, which is deprecated since January 2017, is a combination of Express Checkout and Reference Transactions, which is based on an old NVP/SOAP API.

Integration steps as a customer

The customer looking to use PayPal as a gateway in Abowire needs to go through the following steps:

  1. Create a developer account at and login.
  2. In Sandbox > Accounts, open the business account details, go to the API Credentials tab and copy the NVP/SOAP Sandbox API Credentials. This is needed when connecting PayPal in Abowire
  3. When going Live, the customer needs to request enabling Reference Transaction for the live account. This is done via PayPal Customer Support. See below "Reference transactions activation"
  4. Login to Sandbox PayPal using the Sandbox generated business account
  5. Go to Account Settings, Notifications, Instant Payment Notifications > Edit.
  6. Enable IPN and enter Abowire's webhook URL: