How can I manage the use of my Tokens?

Tokens Definitions

  • Tokens are unique and belong to an user.
  • The token must be assigned to someone in order to be used.
  • The token cannot be reassigned to another person or unassigned.

Tokens Management

Tokens management can be defined on the creation of your product, after selecting the usage based pricing.

  • You can choose the amount of time the token can be used (maxRedemptions). It can be used only once, a couple of times or forever.
  • You can define a fixed expiration date to the token or define X amount of time (days, months, years) after it is created to expire the token.
  • If you deactivate licensing management from your product (subscriptions), you cannot create or use any more tokens for that subscription
  • If you change the settings in the subscription (e.g. how codes are generated, duration, amount of redemptions, etc), it affects the tokens created thereafter (existing tokens remain the same)