B2B License Management

The B2B License Management solution is for companies that sell B2B Licenses to businesses & consumers. There are different use cases:

License Model

Selling licenses to B2B Customers (companies) and then their employees are the one who will use the license.

Boost your organization

Enable your organization to sell and manage licenses from your B2B customers and their end-users.

Tenants Billing

Bill from different companies within your organization. Manage all your tenants (merchants) in one place. Every tenant can also sell and manage subscription from their end-users.

Increase revenue

Enhance your partners and resellers with the right technology to manage subscriptions.

You can also give companies, partners, departments or organizations their own branded subscription platform to manage everything in one place. You can offer different type of licenses, subscriptions, and memberships to your tenants and customers

For more information about our B2B License Management solution please contact solutions@abowire.com

Who can be B2B Customers (organizations)?

Who can be subscribers (end-users, employees, Lerners, customers)?

Can I sell additional subscriptions to my subscribers from my B2B Customers?

Is there a Customer Portal (interface) for B2B Customers?

Is there a Customer Portal for subscribers (end-users, employees, Customers...)?

What can I do as an Admin user of the B2B License Management solution?

Can I have my custom domain?

Can I add B2B Customers (organizations) directly through App?

Can I create Subscribers in my organizations directly through App?

Can I create disable/enable licenses in my Subscribers directly through App?

Can I have custom fields for the registration of subscribers (end-users)?

Can I customize the customer journey for my B2B Customers?

Can I customize the customer journey for my subscribers (end-users)?

Can the B2B Customers send a registration link to their end-users to use register themselves?

Can I only bill to my B2B Customers?

Can licenses be free of charge for the end-users?

Can I charge both to B2B Customers and End-users?

How do end-users are granted access to use the license?

Can I add metadata fields in Organizations and/or subscribers?